Hi! My name is Zekun Li (李泽坤). I am the first year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Brown University, working with Prof. Srinath Sridhar at Interactive 3D Vision & Learning Lab. Before studying in Brown, I received my B. Eng. degree with honors in Computer Science at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). My undergraduate research advisor is Prof. Zhao Kang.

My research interest focuses on Generative Model and Compter Graphics. I am keen on combining knowledge-based principles and learning-based networks to achieve robust, responsible, controllable, and creative models for visual content generation. And I mainly focus on neural implicit shape and physically-based modeling.

I am looking for research internship for 24 Summer, here is my CV. Please freely contact me without any hesitation! (○’◡’○)ノ

📝 Publications


Learning Anchor Transformations for 3D Garment Animation

Fang Zhao, Zekun Li, Shaoli Huang, Junwu Weng, Tianfei Zhou, Guosen Xie, Jue Wang, Ying Shan
[paper] [project]

TL;DR: design adaptive anchors to predict 3D garment animation from a body motion sequence, especially for loose-fitting garments.


Eliminating Gradient Conflict in Reference-based Line-art Colorization

Zekun Li, Zhengyang Geng, Zhao Kang, Wenyu Chen, and Yibo Yang
[paper] [code]

TL;DR: design a novel BP scheme to solve the gradient issue in Attention.

📖 Educations

  • 2023.09 - 2028.06 (expected), Ph.D. in Computer Science, Brown University.
  • 2019.09 - 2023.06, B. Eng. Degree in Computer Science, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC).

💻 Internships

  • 2022.10 - 2023.6, Research Intern, Tencent AI Lab, working on garment animation and generation, supervied by Prof. Fang Zhao.
  • 2020.09 - 2022.09, Research Intern, Cognitive Computing and Intelligent Decision Lab at UESTC, working on image translation, supervied by Prof. Zhao Kang.